christopher baker

the world is filled with images waiting to be painted.

I strive to portray more than the actual.  When I paint a surface, is is important to me that my audience is able to feel as well as to see the texture and light.  This goal of discovering more is why I paint.  Artistically, I feel that I travel down many different roads, but with the same vision.


My work process has a rhythm:  from photos, to drawings, to painted sketches, to a final piece.  Drawings and sketches are an experience that allows me to adjust composition and familiarize myself with the subject.  By the time the final piece is begun I often know the players, light forms, etc. almost by heart which allows me greater freedom in the application of paint.

My medium of choice is gouache (say "gwash").  Simply put, it is an opaque water that adheres to the surface of the painting ground, as opposed to watercolor which is transparent and more of a stain.  I prefer gouache because it allows me to more easily manipulate the surface, sanding, scraping, even finger painting.  For me, it is the "older, brawny brother to the more sensitive watercolor".

Christopher Baker, 2845 East Rude Street, Weedsport, NY 13166  (315)834-6515